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Dear Business Associates: Please have a look at addtions made to my collection in 2012 if you haven't already done so!  There are added photo pages with items numbered beginning with '2' for these items.


Photos on each page can be selected to view a particular one by clicking on the thumbnail.

For more information or any questions you have regarding the pieces illustrated on my site, call or send an email.

If you represent a Gallery and have not previously ordered my jewelry, please  provide me with your Gallery information.

If you are an established customer ready to purchase, please plan to place an order under your Gallery name with web-page item number, number of pieces of that item, and any other information you wish. To review the wholesale price list you will need to login.

Please update your email address if you have not already done so.

My phone # is: 505-603-5790   Note: 471-2337 # no longer available

PLEASE NOTE: FAX-ing an order is no longer an option


*Please note that the original jewelry shown is not available for retail ordering directly from this site. That is why prices are not listed for the items shown. If you see a piece you would be interested in purchasing, please call or email and I will gladly suggest one of the many fine galleries coast-to-coast showing my work where you can see it - or one like it - and try it on before purchase from them!